Getting to know your Community

Heathcare & Health Insurance

The standard of healthcare in Switzerland is excellent, and most locals and foreigners are satisfied with the level of treatment and access. Similar to most European nations, the Swiss system is a universal one, though it affords its population healthcare in a manner that even those opposed to socialist safety nets can support.

Switzerland makes private health insurance, not government (like in the UK) nor employer-sponsored insurance (like in the US), compulsory for all those living in the country. It follows that the 100-odd insurance providers within Switzerland are not legally allowed to refuse anyone coverage, not even non-residents or those with a history of chronic illness.

While in Switzerland, expats can count on receiving world-class treatment, but they can also count on shouldering the high costs of monthly premiums, co-pays and deductibles.

Social Activities & Dining

Social activities in Switzerland are prevalent, however, they are not always easy to find. There are many activities for both adults and children.
Switzerland is rich in the fine arts and sports and we can assist you in identifying what activities you need and suggesting a variety of alternatives. The Geneva, Switzerland restaurant scene is home to an elegant selection of Continental cuisines that reflect the cosmopolitan influences of this sophisticated Swiss city. From excellent preparations of French bistro fare to traditional Swiss specialties and more exotic Asian cuisine, delight in the tantalizing dining that is all around you in Geneva, Switzerland.


While Swiss banks may not be as clandestine as often depicted by movies and media, banking in Switzerland is certainly defined by secrecy, and driven by sophistication and order.
Expats need not be intimidated by this reputation for discreetness though, engaging in basic banking is extremely straight-forward, albeit, slightly more expensive for non-residents. For those foreigners planning to become more permanent or to start a business, there is also an assortment of investment banking and private banking options available.

Shopping & Attractions

Despite its small size, Geneva rivals London and Paris as a major shopping destination in Europe. Geneva specializes in the finer things in life and, though they are not cheap, the selection is staggering and makes for world class window shopping – practically a national sport in Switzerland.

A city of elegance and sophistication, the many fascinating landmarks, museums and attractions in Geneva speak to its unique history and cultural influences. From the charming natural beauty of Promenade Des Bastions to the history and prominence of the United Nations Office at Geneva and the International Red Cross and Cresent Museum, get to know more about some of the most popular places and events that grace Geneve, Switzerland.

Language Assistance – French & English

The official language is, of course, French. However, expats moving to Geneva might be relieved to know that English is widely spoken due to the many international organizations.
Should you require instruction in French, we have relationships with well-established teachers and schools.