Moving to Geneva, Switzerland’s most global city, is a very pleasant experience for most expats. But make sure that you embark on this journey well-prepared. On our website you will find essential information on visas and accommodation as well as other important advice on moving to Geneva.

Most expats moving to Geneva work either in the finance sector or for one of the many international organizations and agencies headquartered there. As the capital of Switzerland’s French-speaking parts, la Suisse romande, this city has close ties to France, both geographically and culturally.

In fact, many people moving to Geneva find that the cost of living and rental property is high. However, people moving to Geneva can expect something in return for their money. According to Mercer, the city offers the fifth highest quality of life in any city all over the world. For most foreigners, moving to Geneva turns out to be an overall positive experience.

Packing & Transport

We work with some of the finest moving and transport companies specializing in tender-loving care of all your belongings and valuables. Packing at origin, unpacking at destination, and transport is taken care of by us. The transport companies we work with handle the customs clearance when your belongings arrive in Switzerland. We are in close communication with them and organize all logistics for you.

Customs Clearance & Entry Regulations

Whether you’re planning to carve your way down one of Switzerland’s esteemed ski slopes for a much-anticipated holiday, or whether you’re venturing into the alpine nation for a taste of something slightly more permanent, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper visa for Switzerland prior to your departure.The Swiss have a special affinity for order and efficiency, so if you follow the rules – of which Lakeview Relocation will direct and assist you with, your experience with bureaucratic processing won’t be unusually unpleasant. Keep in mind that largely different policies exist for EU/EFTA citizens and non-EU/non-EFTA citizens.

Residence Permits for Switzerland

Expats wishing to work or to remain in Switzerland for longer than three months will need to apply for a residence permit. Both EU/EFTA nationals and third-nation (all other countries that are not part of the EU/EFTA) citizens are bound by this law; the only difference is that EU/EFTA nationals are able to procure permits easier than third-nation nationals.Residence permits give expats the right to legally work and live in the nation. There’s no such thing as a separate work permit.Residence permits are issued by cantonal immigration offices, and the application procedures may differ slightly for each canton.


If required, we can organize professional storage of your belongings for short or long periods of time with climate-controlled premises.