quoting a poem in an essay

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How to quote lines and verses of verses

You still have to use the title of the poem when entering a rating. If you are using two lines of a poem, you can use a comma to separate them. Using the example above, you should type (Dickinson 3.4.5) to show the fourth and fifth lines of the third stanza. To quote verses in MLA style, enter a rating and use quotation marks as you would for a rating from another source..

They have their own rules and these rules may vary depending on the context. Learn how to use quotation marks when quoting articles, poems and songs. Learn some fun quoting rules like quoting within the rating and end a sentence with a rating. We use straight-line quotes, with titles of certain works, to indicate alternative meanings and to pronounce words as words. Individual titles of stories and poems are enclosed in quotation marks..

Rules of dialogue that all writers should follow


In Cited Works, you start with the name of the poet followed by the title of the poem in quotation marks. Then indicate the source in which the poem was published. Usually you will follow the citation format of the MLA book or the citation format of the MLA website. The quotation marks are perhaps the most intricate pair in the world of punctuation..

The titles of the stories and the summaries of the poems are in italics. For example, André Dubu’s story “The Intruder” is included in his “Dancing at Extra Time” collection. Use the author name in the link in parentheses if you did not include it when submitting a review. For example, use (Dickinson 3.4) at the end of a review if you did not mention the author name when entering a rating..

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