Transportation in Switzerland

Switzerland has some of the best public transportation in Europe. You can virtually go anywhere in Switzerland by train, tram, or bus. We can assist you in securing the appropriate passes depending on your specific requirements. We can also arrange auto leasing if required.

Public Transportation

Expats relocating to Switzerland will find a fantastic national public transportation system. The countrywide, intergraded transport system in Switzerland is incredibly punctual, very clean and comfortable and is made up of buses and trains. While the ticketing system may seem quite complex at first, expats will soon learn that there are a number of great discounts on offer. The cost of public transport in Switzerland is high. However, most people who travel nationally in Switzerland for work or pleasure will invest in a Half-Fare Card which saves you 50 percent on all national buses and trains and gives you certain discounts on local and private transport systems as well.

Trains in Switzerland

The extensive railway network in Switzerland is made up of a large number of interconnecting trains, so expats may find it a little daunting at first.


Due to the fact that Switzerland has such a comprehensive railway network, buses only play a minor role in helping people get around the country. The majority of commuters travelling in Switzerland find trains to be the fastest and most efficient mode of transportation. Intercity bus services in Switzerland connect the country’s main cities such as Geneva, Zurich and Bern to one another. The number of buses that travel along each route varies considerably, so it is best to consult the timetable as services are not always regular. Intercity buses are almost never fully booked so there is no need to pre-book tickets or reserve seats.


Switzerland has some outstanding roads and driving can be a real pleasure, as long as you can stick to the speed limit. The Swiss authorities are incredibly strict when it comes to upholding the rules of the road and drivers who are caught speeding will most definitely face a hefty fine and maybe even some jail time. Expats planning on staying in Switzerland for over a year will need to exchange their international driving licence for a Swiss driving licence after 12 months. Depending on what country expats come from, they may be required to take some tests.

Air Travel

While there are domestic flights in Switzerland, which connect large cities such as Geneva, Zurich and Bern, in almost all cases it is more cost-effective and faster to travel by train. The main airports in Switzerland are Geneva Cointrin Airport, Zurich Airport, Bern Airport and Lugano Airport.