We work closely with all of the real estate agencies and property managers in the Swiss french-speaking region. These relationships are valuable in our ability to assist you and your family in deciding between neighborhoods, quality and location of private and international schools , mass transit systems and recreational opportunities. This takes the guesswork out of finding your new home. We have the freedom to help you find and select the right new home for you.
If you are unsure where you want to live, Look/See or Orientation Tours can be set up to give a snapshot of real estate and towns being considered.
We assist you in finding the most appropriate schools for your children located near your new residence.
It is important to consider housing located near public transportation to facilitate the daily commute


Housing Logistics

Expats moving to Switzerland will find that although the accommodation options available are comfortable, and in line with Switzerland’s reputation as a modern, highly developed nation, the competition for housing is incredibly stiff, and as a result, accommodation prices are high, even in comparison to other European states. There are several formalities to consider and follow, of which Lakeview Relocation can assist you with.
Administrative Formalities in Applying For Your New Home
Switzerland has specific requirements in securing a rental property. These requirements can be somewhat confusing in the beginning but we work closely with you to ensure you understand and adhere to these formalities.

Securing Your Rental Deposit
In most cases, rental properties carry a one to five year lease. A deposit of three months rental is normally required and is placed in a separate bank account which requires the agreement of both the lesser and lessee to release the funds. We facilitate this process of securing the rental deposit.
Complete Rental Inspection and Obtain Keys
When you find the new home of your dreams, we guide you through the rental inspection and handover of the keys to your new home.

Insurance Needs: Civil Responsibility & Renter’s Insurance
Obtaining the proper insurance is critical for new renters. These include both civil responsibility insurance (liability insurance for others who may damage your new home) and insuring the contents of your apartment.

Setting up Your Utilities and Telephone/Internet
We organize this service for you prior to your arrival and will advise you of your telephone number and how to address any issues which may arise.